Our Passion + Expertise = Exceptional Experience

At 307 Physical Therapy, we treat from a whole-body perspective because our therapists understand and appreciate the complexities of the body and although pain may manifest in a certain area, other factors may be involved.  

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We specialize in post-surgical rehab including:

Shoulder rotator cuff and total replacement

Knee Arthroscopic repair and total replacement

Total Hip replacement

Ankle reconstruction

Cervical and Lumbar

Hand surgery


 Using a comprehensive evaluation and expertise to get you back to your favorite activities. 

we commonly see people for:

Sports Injuries

Overuse injuries

Injury prevention



Pain relief

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We offer a variety of services for employees to return to work.

Functional capacity evaluations

Work hardening programs

Pre-employment screenings

Return to work testing following injury


Additional services include: Vestibular Rehabilitation and Customized splinting. 

Offering a Comprehensive Plan of Care for each patient


At 307PT, we are genuinely interested in putting your life back on track by utilizing an individualized             treatment approach. 


Dry Needling

Dry needling is a treatment used for muscle pain and tightness. It involves an acupuncture needle which is inserted directly into a trigger point or tight band in a muscle. The goal of dry needling is to to release muscle tightness and relieve pain. This treatment is performed by a therapist who is level-2 certified in trigger point dry needling.  


Therapeutic Cupping

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Therapeutic cupping is a treatment used to improve blood flow and tissue tightness. Therapeutic cupping uses negative pressure to release adhesions in the myofascial system and minimize scar tissue tightness. It can be used as an alternative method to traditional massage. Although it may look odd, most people find that it feels very soothing.



Exercise is a treatment to improve overall strength, endurance and flexibility. The benefits of exercise also include improved blood flow, reduced healing time and pain relief. At 307PT, your exercise regimen will be catered to your personal abilities. 


Hands-on treatment 

Hands-on treatment involves a variety of techniques performed by your therapist. Treatments include manually stretching, joint mobilizations, massage and manual traction to improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility. 


Additional treatments/services include: Kinesiotaping, Graston technique, electricAL STIMULATION, ULTRASOUND, IONTOPHORESIs.

Appropriate treatment will be determined following your evaluation.  Your therapist will be happy to discuss any treatment options you are interested in.